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Hove Actually

Based on the seaside town Hove, a place I've got to know fairly well over the past few years. Locals refer to the town as "Hove, actually" because Brighton&Hove is the official name for the city (Brighton) and "Hove actually" differentiates itself as a town by the city of Brighton.
As featured in They Draw and Travel

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Zaanse Schans

Whilst on a city break to Amsterdam, I took a trip up to Zaanse Schans for the day. Beautiful place with handicrafts, windmills and food and drink.
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My Top 5 Cafes in Eastbourne

I lived in the seaside town of Eastbourne for 6 years, and it's a town where there's something for everyone of any age. For me, I fell in love with the independent cafes there and they each have their own unique theme and vibe.
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Fifty Walks from Haywards Heath: A handbook for seeking space in Mid Sussex. Available from Amazon

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Fifty Walks from Haywards Heath

During Spring / Summer 2020 I collaborated with author John Twisleton on a book which illustrates 50 different walks from Haywards Heath, a town in the heart of Sussex. Some walks are short distances around the town and towards surrounding areas, and some are longer distance routes to nearby towns including Lewes and Brighton.
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This place is special to me because it is the first city I travelled to solo. Valencia is vibrant, exciting and very interesting!
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Amsterdam Artis Zoo

On the last day of a trip to Amsterdam, I went to the zoo! On this map I have pin pointed 5 key highlights of my visit, amongst everything else there.